Unfading (wretchedcherub) wrote,

I haven't updated here for awhile so...

First off. Yay for Obama getting elected over McCain.

Secondly, I'm horribly sick. I've been feeling bad off and on over the last month. I'm pretty sure I had the flu a few weeks ago and a few days ago I went to the ER because I keep running a fever and they tell me I have a bladder infection and if I don't feel better in a few days to return. So I'm on a load of antibiotics and I feel like fire is in my veins.

My beloved has returned. Oy, I get so mad at him, but then I love him so there are all these conflicting feelings. You see he got into some trouble the 11th of October with some of his friends, doing something he shouldn't have been doing, and so he's in trouble to say the least. Now to add to this? Him and I were supposed to be doing something on a Thursday night, but he completely stands me up and doesn't call or anything...

So I'm left wondering and worrying...

I didn't know what happened...but I jump to a conclusion because I'm hurt and mad and so I write him a long letter wanting to know some things and I send it to him. SO then he? He decides to avoid the confrontation for as long as he possibly can and he doesn't talk to me for a week.

Then he comes up and apologizes, says he needed time, he's been a jerk, but says he didn't want to drag me down with him and then asks me if I'd been talking to this guy, who I used to be friends with, and who he too knows, about something I'd never talk to that guy about. I sense some trust issues here...

So I assure him that...No I don't. So to make a long story short I ask him if he still loves me and he says yes and I tell him that the next him he needs "time" he should give me a heads up because my mind starts going places....

Then he says that there's nothing wrong with me and then goes on to blame it was his "fucked up and muddled thinking."

I'm still lost...
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